Monday, October 4, 2010

Things some moms are afraid to say

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I don't think I'm exceptionally brave, but I don't care what people think.  I think because I know I am not the only one who feels this way.  I don't claim to speak for anyone else but myself, but I know I'm not alone in some of these.  Other people think that by saying negative things sometimes about your job as a mom or about your children means that you don't like or job or you don't love your children completely.  That's ridiculous.  So here ya go.  The list of things I'm not afraid to say, truly mean (well, depending on the day sometimes), yet still love my job and adore my children.  I swear.

  • I hate the park.  HATE.
  • I hate cooking for kids.  My kids don't eat and spending an hour in the kitchen when they don't eat pisses me off.  They like fish sticks and green beans.  What's wrong with that?
  • I put too much thought into my Christmas card and the picture I choose.  Especially with facebook and this blog, it's no secret who we are.  If Drew is kicking William, William is crying, and Lauren is sleeping in our Christmas card nobody would be surprised AT ALL however I feel the need to have a picture where everyone is smiling and showing their fake selves.  Well, not that we're not happy, but you know what I mean.
  • I hate doing homework with Drew.  And I'm a teacher!  I LOVE to write with her and to listen to her read, etc.  but the sitting and hammering out the homework is painful sometimes.  I put on my fake happy face and make it fun but inside I hate it.  I think I put on a good show, though.
  • Somedays I live for the clock to say eight zero zero so I can just sit and be left alone and watch TV or read.
  • Sometimes I put the kids in the after school program just so I can have a quiet house for an extra hour and a half.  I spin it by saying it's good for them (which it is) but it actually has absolutely nothing to do with them.  It's all about me.
  • I love buying boy clothes but am not all that into buying girl clothes.  I'm very particular about what I want them to wear, however. 
  • Sometimes I give the kids granola bars or microwaved frozen pancakes (gasp!) for breakfast because I'm not in the mood to do anything more than that.
  • The strict schedule I keep is 20% because it's beneficial for the kids and 80% self-preservation. 

The number of things I love about my job and my kids outnumber this ten-fold but... you feel me.  It feels good to get it out sometimes.  Oh, and this isn't the extent of this list but I'll stop and spare you the rest.    What are some things you hate?

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  1. Alright... I'm not afraid & have no shame, so here I go.

    My kids eat frozen pancakes almost every morning. At least 4 for sure.
    I hate cooking for the kids or for anyone else.
    My house is only clean if I'm expecting someone.
    I like the park & still hardly take them.
    My kids eat too many fruit snacks. Not fruit as a snack (which they also do) but fruit snacks.
    I love that I get to escape them somedays to go to work.

    Great post!

  2. ok that list isnt at all mean or even really negative. i think your awesome and actually think your list was kind. if my kids had frozen pancakes they think they would have hit the lottery. you go girl! the thing i hate the most is the word mom! its like a damn broken record that doesnt have an off button.

  3. Totally agree! Especially with the cooking and waiting for bedtime:) Chicken nuggets, mac n cheese and turkey dogs. My kids live on those. The whining! OMG. And though I waited forever to hear Ryan talk, sometimes his voice drives me crazy because he cannot shut up. No one mentions that even great days where the kids play well together and things go smoothly ARE STILL EXHAUSTING.

  4. Sometimes I wish I was still going through all that you are. My kids are grown adults and I remember hating to make lunches everyday for them. They NEVER bought lunch at school. Oh and the fighting, OMG I hated that too but now I wish I could hear that again. Don't get me wrong I love my quiet lifestyle with just Don and I. We do what we want whenever we want and its awesome. I just loved being a mom and miss it......don't blink Ashley, soon it will be Lauren graduating from college.

  5. Granola bars are a staple breakfast food here and I HATE that my kids are picky eaters too, chicken nuggets and bell peppers.
    I feed my kids Mcdonalds... sometimes multiple times weekly.
    I hate that my kids mess up what I am cleaning, even if they had no interest in it what so ever. The fact that I am cleaning it makes it super important and it needs to be messed up.


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