Friday, October 5, 2012


  • A week from today is my 37th birthday.  It occurred to me that I am officially going to be in my "late 30's" as opposed to my "mid 30's".  That's weird and I don't like it. 
  • I have completed week 4 of Crossfit and I love it and I am significantly stronger (physically and mentally) because of it but due to the fact that I eat as hard as I work out, I haven't lost much.  That's also weird and I don't like it.
  • Today was a high of 77* and since a week ago was 102* it feels like it's Alaska all of a sudden and I turned the heater on in my car this morning which was actually kind of ridiculous.
  • My hair has been totally f'd by pregnancies, coloring these last two years, and age.  It's now naturally curly/80's hair band-ish but I straighten it so for all intensive purposes, I have straight hair.  Except for today.  I wore it right from the shower to William's soccer game.  In 17 years that we've been together I have never once worn my hair anything but straight.  I asked Chris if he noticed anything different.  He looked at me and said, "Is that a new sweatshirt?" about the sweatshirt I threw on at William's game that I've been wearing for the last 12 years. 

  • It's Friday - again.  The weeks are flying by and I'm unsure if I like that.  I desperately want to get out of this fighting all the time stage but I don't want the years to go by so quickly like they seem to be.  I'd like to slow things down a bit.  I'm likely saying this because I have three silent sleeping kids at the moment...
  • Today is the 3rd anniversary of this here little blog.  I am so grateful and appreciative of each reader.  I think I was born not only to be Drew, William, and Lauren's mom, but I was also born to be a Real Housewives junkie, a baker of crap that makes me have to do shit like Crossfit, and a writer without a publisher.  Couldn't be happier about any of that.  
  • xoxo 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blog Anniversary GIVEAWAY!

I started this blog on October 5, 2009.  I just sat down one day and started writing.  I knew my mom, my mother-in-law, and a few of my girlfriends would check in on it every once in a while so I figured, what the hell, during naps I'll sit and write a few things that I think moms SHOULD be talking about but often don't.  I am by no means an authority on parenting but I think it needs to be told like it is.  Result?  The Blog. 

Since then I've published 836 blog posts.  That is approximately 800 stories and thoughts that Chris didn't have to hear about and although he doesn't ever read the blog, I know he loves the blog for that very reason. 

SO! In celebration of this little blog's three year anniversary we're doing a GIVEAWAY!  It's the same giveaway prize I did last year at this time. It's so cute, why change?  With some blog giveaways you have to do 5 different things just to qualify and enter.  This one is so easy.  Ready?  You have to "like" my Peters Party of 5 facebook page. You have to "like" our giveaway boutique's facebook page, Misty's Cans and More. That's it. (You can click on both those purple links to get to the appropriate page, click like, and you're done!)

The goods:

Isn't it so cute? You can use this festive Fall decorated can as a vase, you can fill it with kitchen goodies and give it as a housewarming or a thank you gift, you can put your favorite recipe inside and give it to your child's teacher, the possibilites are endless, really.  And when you receive it, you'll likely find a little something special in it for YOU to get into a festive, Fall mood.

The giveaway will end and a winner will be chosen on the three year anniversary, Friday, October 5.

Remember, all you have to do is "like" Peters Party of 5 and "like" Misty's Cans and More.

Thanks for reading and checking in and for the feedback you provide. I'm proud to be a member of the Mommy Club and to be able to share my stories and in return hear about yours.

*BONUS- If you comment on Peters Party of 5's facebook page, your name will be entered twice!

Please be sure to "like" both pages to enter and pass this along to your friends!

*The can may differ slightly, depending on the Fall paper and ribbon that is available. It will be a Fall theme/colors.




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