Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10-12-75, game 2 of the World Series. Oh, and the day I was born.

Are you ready for a thrilling post?  Here it is.

35 years ago today I totally ruined Game 2 of the World Series for my mom.  The Red Sox were playing the Reds at home.  They ended up losing that game 3-2 and it's probably because my mom wasn't watching and cheering them on.  She was birthing me instead.  I was 2 weeks early and she was PISSED. 

Today I turn 35.  The day began with William crawling in to bed with us at seven zero zero and saying, "Good morning, birthday girl." as he gave me a kiss.  That kid is gonna make a good husband someday.  Then Chris said, "William, lets go into the livingroom and give mommy more time to sleep."  William said, "No, I want to snuggle with mommy and talk about her birthday."  Can you imagine if your husband said that?  *If your husband does, you're incredibly lucky*  Chris is so grateful for William for many reasons but one of them is for just that - he fulfills my conversational needs.

We had cake for breakfast, per tradition, and then the big kids were off to school.  Lauren napped, and I did absolutely nothing.  Chris got home from teaching and the three of us went to lunch and new refrigerator shopping.  The day doesn't hold anything else all that exciting but it's been really great, I need nothing more.

 The day, in just a few pics:


A tree outside the kids' school. First sign of Fall around here.  So pretty.

Birthday lunch

Lauren, dressed by Drew today, and waking up happy from her nap.  A nice gift.

When Chris gets home from teaching his afternoon class, I'm ditching them to go get a pedicure while he takes care of dinner.  The best part of that whole thing is he'll do it with a smile.  And I won't have to do dishes.  Yeah, that's actually the best part of the whole thing.

Thanks to all who posted on fb, who called, and who texted.  All made it even more special than I had ever anticipated.  35 feels pretty good.

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  1. Thirty five years ago today I delivered into my arms a beautiful baby girl with her Mom doing her very best at Lamaze breathing and not a doctor in sight!! Mom was pissed that she was missing the Sawx game and I was pissed that we were in the Strategic Air Command Headquarters hospital in Omaha, NE and the only assistant in berthing was a teenage girl who simply cleaned the hospital areas. It took only one day for damned near every regulation relative to childbirth be be changed at Offutt Air Force Base!! You survived quite well, pretty girl!!


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