Sunday, October 10, 2010

Family day trip

I have to start this post by saying that days like these are what life is about. 

We took the ferry from Oakland to San Francisco this afternoon to see see a bit of Fleet Week and see the Blue Angels perform.  It's a 45 minute boat ride and although the ferry was really crowded, we got a window seat on the way there.  We arrived at Pier 41, walked Fisherman's Wharf, saw the silver guy dance, the bongo guy beat his drums, and all the vendors.  We watched the sea lions play for a little bit, and William found 4 quarters in a pay phone. 

It's was extremely crowded, as we'd expected, and I have to say, I am too old for crowds like that.  Chris has never liked big crowds and I've never minded them.  I feel like an old snarky dog in situations like that now.  Like, "Excuse me, YOU are in my way.  And YOU are, too."  I try very hard to not be rude and remember that in fact, I am probably in THEIR way with my two little people holding on to either side of me and the big ol' stroller I'm pushing in front of me.  Anyway, the weather could not have been more perfect.  It was 79* and blue beautiful skies.  We actually sought out shade because it was a little warm, that's rarely the case right on the water in San Francisco.  In fact I had one whole backpack filled with 5 warm coverups in case any of us got cold.  Needlesstosay we didn't use any of them.

Lauren was such an incredible trooper.  It is the FIRST TIME IN HER WHOLE 19 months that she didn't take one nap.  You know she's a sleeper and the fact that she didn't sleep from the time she woke up to the time she went to bed is astonishing.  She gets all silly and crazy giggly when she's turned the corner of exhausting and she got to that point on the ferry ride back to Oakland.  Wonder if anyone thought she was the youngest mentally ill patient ever?

Drew and William did really well, too.  It was a little loud and they couldn't see too much of what was happening unless the jets pulled way up but they seemed ok with that.  They both sat on our shoulders for much of the time.  William, in true William fashion, was asking to leave about 20 minutes after we got there.  He was super excited to go but the ferry ride and Fisherman's Wharf was plenty for him.  He has little patience for people and lines and crowds.  I have absolutely no idea where he gets that.

I LOVE cotton candy and told the kids we'd absolutely buy some if we saw it.  Chris thinks it's gross and messy and sticky and unnecessary.  We saw the cotton candy and it was right after William "won" a dollar in pay phone and he was excited to spend his own new money on cotton candy.  I bought 3.  I wasn't sharing mine and I didn't want to deal with them sharing one, either.  Not today.  $11.25.  ELEVEN DOLLARS AND 25 CENTS.  For sugared air.  Unbelievable.  Anyway, Chris rolled his eyes like a drama queen when we came back with it.  After a couple bites the kids were handing it to him saying they didn't want anymore.  It got him all sticky and they were all sticky and he just about died.  I laughed at him and called him out on it.  Da-rama.  So lame.

After a fantastic airshow we got back on the ferry and rode for the first half on the third deck.  What a view.  The last half we sat on the floor of the first deck and had a snack while Lauren chilled and got crazy in her stroller.  We got back to the car and Lauren zonked out for about 20 minutes and that was it.  It was crazy.  Neither of the other kids slept, either.  We got home, ate a quick dinner of leftovers, and all kids had baths and went to bed.  It'd be nice of they were so exhausted that they'd sleep til 8am tomorrow but it won't happen.  I'll see three smiling faces bright and early at seven zero zero.  Lucky me.  No, really.  Lucky me...

After all that - here are some pics! 

Waiting for the ferry.  She may be only 19 months old but don't understimate what she can do.

A little jaunt to the waterfront to see if the ferry was coming

Look, Lauren!  Ships!

Ah, San Francisco

On the wharf, being silly with William's hat.  The hat she later threw out of her stroller somewhere along the way.  The hat I bought him at Fenway Park.  *sad face*

Drew got cotton candy in her hair and Chris was PISSED.  Not at her, but just at the fact that we had such an unnecessary and messy thing.  Exhibit A, he called it.  He's no fun.

Exhibit B

WAAA!  The cotton candy!  He killed it. 

The airshow begins.  This was a little biplane.  The kids were impressed and William asked to leave afterwards.  He thought that was all there was.  And if it had been he'd have been perfectly fine with that.

Best seat in the house

Honestly this was super scary.  All of a sudden this 747 came booming towards us, right over the Golden Gate bridge.  The guy next to me said, "Is he part of the airshow or what?  What is he doing in this airspace?"  I seriously about lost my shit right then. Turns out yes, he was part of the airshow.

No zoom used.  It was right there

There they are

The Blue Angels made a D in the sky.  Just for Drew.

Lauren was a trooper and as you can see, an entire bag of Goldfish kept her very busy.

See the ground?  Those wharf pigeons freaking loved us.

From the top deck of the ferry

Snack on the ferry on the way home.  I don't want to think of the germs on that floor.  I was so tired of standing at that point I didn't care.  Gross, though.

Pretzel in the mouth but still smiling

OMG, exhausted. 

This only lasted for about 20 minutes on the way home but still oh, so sweet

Hope you had a nice Sunday. 

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