Monday, October 11, 2010

First car - *UPDATED

My first car was not only my mom's hand-me-down, it was also my brother's hand-me-down car and it was awesome.

It was a yellow Chevy Caprice Classic and it carried all my friends and me to lunch everyday in high school.  There was no seat belt law then so we just piled in and drove down 18th Ave. to either Taco Bell or the Nothing Fancy Deli.  The car idled at 30mph so I rarely had to use the accelerator while driving in town.  I drove with my foot on the brake most of the time.  The ceiling hung down and hit your head and I had a make-shift gear handle.  *Also, one day one of my best friens my senior year keyed his name into the hood.  Not little, like the whole hood was his name.  B E N.  It just added character, actually.   And one day, Brandon was driving it and we were on the freeway on our way home from Hanford.  The horn started to honk and wouldn't stop.  We drove all the way home with the horn blaring.  We must have been quite a sight driving through the neighborhood to our house with that thing singing.  Seriously, it was an awesome car.

Gas was $1.25 a gallon and I could fill up for just under 20 bucks. 

We saw a 1970's Chevy Caprice Classic on the way to school today.  I said to William, "That looks just like my first car except mine was yellow."  He said, "Were you sad that was your car?"  I said, "No, that car was really great, I was lucky to have a car.  Why would I be sad?"  He said, "'Cause that car is hideous."

We don't plan on buying the kids a car when they turn 16 but if I did, I'd buy him a 1970's Chevy Caprice Classic.

Mine was just like this only yellow.  Awesome, right?

What was your first car?

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  1. I have a red VW Scirroco. I got lucky - it was kinda sporty looking and had a moon roof. It didn't matter that it didn't have power steering. My friends and I had SO much fun in that car!

    Thank God it was made of steel and not fiberglass too - I got hit by a drunk driver and I'm here to talk about it.

  2. Mine was an 1988 1/2 (yep, half) gold Ford Escort. It was a hatchback. It was awesome. It cost me $1200, my entire savings.

  3. I loved that car when I first bought it for Mom and me....and when I had to go to duty stations in Alameda and Bremerton (WA) it went with me. That thing saw 150 degree temps and snow, and made it through it all. I'll bet there are still old empty packs of my Luckies or Mom's Pall Malls jammed under the crushed seats somewhere. You'll NEVER forget your first car!!!

  4. A light blue 1979 Trans-Am with a 6.6 liter (400 cubic inch) engine and a fire breathing bird on the hood. If I took it easy, and I never did, it got maybe twelve mpg.

  5. And I didn't key it, I wrote it to express my name as Art. Ok I keyed it.

  6. I loved my aqua Geo Metro! That think got a ridiculous 50 miles to the gallon. I drove that thing 150k miles in 5 years (NorCal to So Cal many times and one trip to AZ) before I flew off to Japan. I liked to call it G-Thang.

  7. My first car was a 1989 Geo Metro. It cost me $2,600 and I drove that car so much that I broke all the door handles off and had to use a wire hanger to open the door through the window. How sad is that? I would not change anything about that car though. I loved it ♥


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