Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A picture summary

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Last night, in pictures:

After dinner this sight nearly killed me.  I looked out the window from the kitchen to see this.  Apparently they were walking in a parade. 

The parade continues, minus William

Lauren was finished with her parade walk and took a break underneath the trampoline

Drew swings by in her jeep and offers Lauren a ride

Lauren notices that she's stepped on something and balances herself very well to inspect

Drew's not waiting for that nonsense so she takes off without her and Lauren gives chase

William lures Lauren into his jeep with promises of not ever driving off and leaving her like Drew did

Lauren is unsure what to do and comes back to homebase for a little reassurance

As soon as she comes, she's gone again, making a decision as to whose jeep she should get into

William is the winner!

Drew tries to lure her back with a wink and a smile

It works!

...and so it ends. 

Lauren came back for some zerberts not long after.  I think that makes ME the real winner in the whole game.

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