Friday, October 1, 2010

worthless post

It's Friday, I have a few minutes to kill before Lauren wakes up, and there are only a couple things that to chat about.

I'm down to one Prednisone a day on my 20-day taper and it does absolutely nothing.  I'm back to feeling crappy and achey and headachey and crappy.  I wrote a week ago or so about feeling really well but not sleeping and I'm not sure which I'd prefer?  Yeah.  I'd rather be awake doing the Can-Can at 2am.  This sucks.

William and his buddy at school were playing behind a tree.  William would peek out, then Antonio would peek out, and so on and so on.  William's depth perception apparently is a bit off because he smacked right into the tree on one of his turns.  I asked him why the tree attacked him and he told me that was a better story than his story of how it happened so if you see him and you ask what happened, he'll tell you a tree attacked him. 

Drew is on her very first school field trip right now and she chose for Chris to go with her instead of me.  I'm a bit sad about that but thrilled for the great time they'll have together.  While they were gone and while William was at school this morning, I decided to go upstairs and shake things up a bit in their rooms.  It's time for a change, don't you think?  I moved some furniture around just enough in William's room to make it different and added some words above his favorite poster.  In Drew's room I added a glider so she'll have a little reading spot (other than her bed) now that she's a real reader.  I think they'll both love it when they get home. 

...and right on cue Lauren is awake.  Off to get milk, refill William's gumball machine, and drop off the drycleaning before picking William up from school.  Chris will take Drew out to lunch after their field trip so I've only got 3 lunches to make today instead of 5.  If for nothing else today, for that I am grateful.

Have a lovely Friday.

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  1. i swear sometimes lakota and william came from the same womb. not only do they kinda look alike, lakota looks like all your kids actually, she ran into a tree today on the field trip doing the same thing as william. it was fun today and im sorry you missed it, but it is so wonderful for chris and drew to have a special bond. she will fall in love with a man who treats her as good as her dad. missed ya today though.


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