Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day o' fun

Yesterday the kids were the luckiest kids on the planet.  They had a fabulous school activity that Chris and I were able to attend, only to then come home, eat their treats they were given, and then we headed off to Disney on Ice.

Yesterday was Fall on the Farm at the kids' school.  It's always so fun and so well organized.  Chris and I tag-teamed and split up, switching back and forth.  A few pictures:

William's class, 3 and 4 year olds.  There he is, all swirly at the end.

Chris and Drew on the hayride.  See her there?  Holding up the enormous leaf?  And Chris was enjoying himself but that grin is him mugging for the camera.

Planting a pumpkin seed

Milking a cow

Riding a horse


Later that afternoon I took Drew and William out to dinner and then to see Disney on Ice.  Chris and Lauren stayed home.  Chris is a family activity kinda guy but there is NO WAY we would take Lauren, she's much too young.  For us, anyway.  It's not really William's schtick, either.  Not the Disney thing, not the late-at-night thing, not the anything-that-lasts-more-than-10-minutes thing.  I was unsure how it would play out but was excited to try it.  It all played out exactly as I'd predicted.  None of it stopped us from having a good time, though.

Before we left

We stopped at Panera for dinner.  It's the kids' favorite place and mine, too.

In the bathroom at Panera.  Silly had taken over.

The view from our seats.  We couldn't see the stage on which about 20% of the show was performed - it's through the black lighting structure there, can you see it?  Don't worry, though.  I sent off a niiiiiice email to them this morning.

Drew was freaking out at the height.  She was very uncomfortable until it started and then she was fine. Don't they look like they are having so much fun?
By the way, that popcorn box was $7 and the Flounder snow cone was $10.  I know.

It begins!

This is how William spent almost the whole program.  That $20 thing cost more than his ticket and kept him more entertained.  He was bored out of his freaking. mind.  He was awfully well behaved, though, for being so bored.  He asked repeatedly how much longer 'til it was over.  I finally told him when the lights came on he'd know...

Peter Pan and his shadow

Cotton Candy!  Remember this cotton candy story?  Redemption!

The guy who sat next to me smelled like vinegar which was odd and a little gross.  The kids kept switching seats because they wanted to sit next to me but not next to anyone else (stranger).  William asked after 32 minutes in "how much longah?" and never really stopped.  Drew enjoyed it and made sure to point out certain parts to me, that was fun.  At one point she said we could go but I told them both we were going to stick it out.  I think she could have taken it or left it.  Honestly they enjoyed the popcorn, cotton candy, snowcone, and twisty thing more than the show.  And honestly, I just enjoyed being with them.  Just another confirmation that these kinds of things are still not quite what my kids enjoy completely.  We do enough stuff that they get out and experience a lot.  These BIG productions aren't their game, though.  Not yet, anyway.  It stings a little to spend SOOO much money and then have it end like this:

He's not ungrateful, he's just not ready.

I'm fortunate to spend the time with them, though.  No daddy, no Lauren, just us.  That's important. 


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  2. What a fun day! Love the Fall on the Farm activity!


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