Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday morning excitement

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Sunday morning, all before 8am...

Whomever put the dishes away last left my big 2-cup Pyrex measuring cup teetering.  I opened the cupboard to get cereal bowls and it came crashing down.

Don't be jealous of my fancy kitchen flooring.  I'm just waiting for it to come back into style.  Which it will.  This was ALL OVER THE KITCHEN. ALL. OVER.

One of six piles I swept up like this.  Completely disregard the bits of dirt in there. 

Did I mention I'm the one who put the dishes away? 

Apparently my vacuuming and sweeping and mopping disturbed a pincher bug from his slumber.  Lauren LOVES bugs so once the kids were allowed back into the kitchen and it was shard-free (I think!), she enjoyed watching him make his way across the floor.

...because I mean really, why should they be served from a bag when they can be served just as easily from the carpet? 

Hope the day chills out a bit.  I can't keep up this pace all day.

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  1. Nothing that exciting for me but I do have the honor of not being able to sleep at all last night as I am in extreme post-working out pain. Once again, I have pains where I didn't know I had muscles.

  2. Mine started similar but with donut everywhere and no glass! Your family is beautiful as well. I think your little one and my little one are close in age.

  3. Oh dear. That is the problem with pyrex.

  4. These are the things that can easily throw me off balance. You are definitely handling this much better than I would have.


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