Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Winnah, winnah, winnah!

I just had my lovely assistant help me to choose the winnah of my first anniversary giveaway!

All 20 names

Fishing around...


Congratulations!  Jillian, from Paisley Couture, will have your items ready by the end of the week and I'll get them off to you by the weekend.  Thank you to ALL of you who commented (I didn't expect to have my ego stroked so) and for those of you who read but chose not to comment.  I've ordered volume II of the blog to be printed into a book as our family diary and I feel like tomorrow is a new chapter.  Year one and a day. 
Love, love, love you all.

Ericah, email me at alherault at gmail dot com so I can get your info.  Yeah!

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  1. yayyyy!!! i sent you an email with my information. thank you!!!!


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