Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I'm loving Fall for lots of reasons but I have to admit the fact that it's dark earlier (and the time hasn't even changed yet!) is one of my favorites.  The kids are asking to take a bath by 6:45pm.  I do the whole, "Yes, we can read one more book *sigh*" or "Yes, you can watch a bit more Phineas and Ferb *sigh*" at 7:15pm.  By 7:30 we're upstairs and they think they've duped me and they got to stay up later than normal.  It's awesome.


I'm taking the big kids to see Disney on Ice tomorrow and I am so excited.  I don't think William is quite ready for it yet and he may rain on our parade completely but we'll see.  The arena, the size of the ice rink, the number of people - I think he'll give it 10 minutes before he asks to go home.    


Am I the only one whose car is an absolute disaster?  If Chris ever leaves me it's going to be because he either found out I spent $40 on gravy at Williams Sonoma for Thanksgiving or because I can't keep the inside of the car clean.  Honestly, with three carseats and three little people it just can't stay clean and it's not really on my radar to clean it everyday.  Starbucks straws, starbucks napkins, pretzels, Leapster, sippy, sweatshirt, pacifier, notebook, crayons, artwork from school...  I'm not alone, am I?  


We've never allowed kids in our bed.  When each was an infant and I was nursing it wasn't uncommon to have one fall asleep in our bed but once they were in their crib in their own room that was it.  Our bed is our bed.  It was never an issue, we've been lucky that sleeptimes were never an issue with any of the kids.  I've been waking up next to DREW, however, for the last  month or so.  She climbs into bed with me after Chris leaves for work.  And I kinda like it.  I think because she and I have some negative interactions throughout the day, that time is just us and we chat when we wake up and it's not involving anything or anyone else.  


Tomorrow is a Fall festival function at school for the kids.  A great friend of mine is keeping Lauren so Chris and I can go together.  That is, after we drop the kids off and go to breakfast together. ALONE.  Going to bed tonight feeling a bit congested but awfully lucky. 

Ignore the comma after life - it should not be there.  Sorry, had to point it out.

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  1. I totally hear ya on the messy car thing! I also have 3 carseats (3 boys under 4 years old--no twins). My car is a disaster, and my husband just doesn't understand. He forgets that I cart the kids around everywhere, while he drives his work van (which is not exactly spotless). When I get home, my hands are full with kids and diaper bags--I sometimes leave things in the car. Who cares??? When it starts to stink, I'll deal with it. =)

  2. omg!! my car is a MESS. i have both girls in the back and when we get home, it is too hard to carry them, their junk, and whatever else into the house. couple that with the fact that the car's already a mess and "hey, what's one more piece of garbage?" it's doubley bad.


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