Saturday, October 16, 2010

Race to nowhere - our poor youth

Have you heard of this film called Race to Nowhere?  Watch the 2 minute clip below.

I know the video is huge, any smaller and it affected the quality.

This freaks me out that I'm raising three kids in an environment like this.  Of course I want and expect them to do well in school but not at the expense of their childhood or their mental health.  I was always expected to do well.  I was a B- student most of the time, went to a California State University, and got a job as an elementary school teacher.  All three of those things seem to be so mediocre if compared to what the standards are for young adults today.  It's not acceptable to be a B- student because then you'll HAVE to go to a state school for college.  Then, God forbid, you go into a profession where you earn only $42,000 a year.  Is it ok to claim that you are successful if that is your track record?  Ummm, yes.  It is.  Success obviously needs to be redefined and I think we, as parents, are the ones to do that.  

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  1. Mike and I talk about this a lot. Who says you have to be a doctor to successful? Not me. I want happy, well-adjusted kids who are successful in whatever they do.

    Would love to watch Race to Nowhere.


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