Wednesday, October 13, 2010

First word will likely be a complete sentence instead

I posted last week about Lauren's lack of speech.  She's since had her hearing test with the audiologist which came back above normal.  Hmm, I predicted that I believe.  We will have an in-home visit with a speech pathologist in a couple weeks.  So many hoops to jump through...  I really do believe that she's holding it all in, just as Drew did, and she's going to bust out with complete sentences when she decides it's time.  The only thing I'm fearful of is what her first sentence is actually going to be.  I'm going to make some predictions:

  • Leave him alone!
  • If I say it again you are going to your room.
  • Absolutely no Big Time Rush, turn it.
  • Yes, I bet you are hungry.  You chose not to eat your dinner and that's what happens.
  • Get in your seat and put your seatbelt on now, stop messing around.
  • Knock it off, I mean it.
  • If you run in here they are going to ask us to leave.
  • Did you flush and wash your hands?
  • Settle down, please.
Wanna take bets?  I'll update when it happens but I'm putting my money on "Knock it off, I mean it." 

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