Friday, October 8, 2010

How fabulous are you?

Would you say you are charismatic?  It's ok to boast, it's just you and me.  And actually it's not boasting if you say yes.  If you are, you are!  I suppose charismatic can mean a few different things to different people.  Let's get specific:  Is charisma stunning good looks, a sky-high IQ, a genius for witty banter? No, no, and no. It's an aura of personality that draws people in and holds their rapt attention.  (This is according to Martha Beck and I'm stealing this info. from here.)

I would say I'm not all that charismatic.  I think I'm friendly and somewhat interesting, but I don't think I hold anyone's rapt attention when we're in conversation.  I took the Are You Charismatic quiz in the O Magazine and this is what it said about me: 

Your Score: 64

You have a hard time going unnoticed. You are one of the lucky few (only 5 percent of people score above 60) with that uncanny ability to light up a room. You probably have some experience as a performer, and are especially expressive and sensitive to others.  Your score indicates your level of charisma, or in psychological terms, how well you express yourself nonverbally. In my 25 years of research on the subject, I've found that the most alluring individuals can effortlessly communicate without words—through expressions, gestures, tone of voice, and other subtle signals.

Want to see what your score is?  Take the quiz here!

I'm not sure that I need O the magazine to validate me or to tell me I'm a bit more fabulous than I actually am, but it was interesting nonetheless.  Take it!

Me, being charismatic while taking photos.  On my back.  Upside down.  On a ledge.
Not. Really. Me.

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