Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Extravagance, kind of

These are a few of my newer finds, all of which I put into the extravagant category.  By that I mean they are ridiculously overpriced, I don't disclose their purchase to my husband (and if he sees them I don't disclose the price), they are not necessities, and I absolutely buy them anyway and will continue to do so.

"Snot your average wipe!" is their slogan and they ain't kiddin'.  These are awesome.  When you have kids who have snot crusted on their face and who have been miserable with coughs and sneezes for days, this is just a nice way to wipe them clean.  I even use them and like the grape the best. 

Breakfast at Starbucks.  A pumpkin anything with a nonfat latte or a nonfat toffee mocha?  I'm good for the day.  I could save $6.15 and have a piece of toast and a cuppa coffee at home but... well, that sucks in comparison.  This is a once a week thing.  May explain why I'm still wearing the same size jeans I wore last winter which I swore wouldn't happen...

If you have horribly dry skin and you're a sucker for a fantastic smell, this product is for you.  I just love.  Hand therapy, indeed.  Jergens may work just as well but this is a nice product to have.

'Tis the season!  Well, almost.  Of all the things I bake, I don't make peppermint bark.  Costco has some but it's not nearly as good as the bark from Williams Sonoma.  Have you tried it?  It's a great little gift to give, too. 

Williams Sonoma again.  These sponges are AWESOME.  Sponges by nature are gross.  They are germ catchers and smell and spread grossness all over your counter.  I microwave mine everynight to sterilize it and it stands up to that very well and it's just so absorbant.  They come in a package of 12 and they are flat little sticks like you see and when you get them wet they pop up and grow and become the most awesome sponge ever.

Do you have something you buy that you consider to be extravagant?  If so, let me know!  You know I'm always looking for new cool things.

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  1. boogie wipes are definitely a NECESSITY. they really are so much better at getting the crust off and are super gentle on noses. i use them on myself, as well. and you know i'm gonna say sbux is necessary also. :) l'occitane has a great hand creme, too, if you haven't tried it yet. xoxo

  2. ilove william sonoma peppermint bark. delish!

  3. Love William Sonoma period! Love the bark the sponges and basically everything they sell. I a sucker for kitchen gadgets. I especially love their pineapple corer/slicer and their avocado slicer. For sure a luxury! I just bought their sandwich spreader/slicer......very nice! Their pumpkin butter, a must have!!!!


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