Saturday, October 2, 2010

For you, my readers, with much love! xoxo

In honor of Party of 5's one year anniversary, I'd like to thank my valued readers with a special gift!  All you have to do is become a follower of this blog and leave a comment on this post!  *off to the right there you'll see a white bar that says follow - click it! *  On Tuesday (the actual one year anniversary) I will choose one person who does those two things.  The fabulous reader who becomes a follower and leaves a comment will get her (his?) name put into a bowl and my lovely assistant, Drew, will draw a name randomly.  The drawing will be held before bathtime on Tuesday, probably around 7pm PST.  

What's the gift, you ask?  Oh, my.  You're in for a treat.  Two of them, actually.  And don't think I'm not going to become my own follower and comment so I can legitimately be eligible for this.  My friend, Jillian, makes the cutest things and these two items from her etsy store could be yours!  

Super cute Halloween flag banner kit

* bundle of twine for stringing
* pre-stamped letters B-O-O on hymnal page
* 5 pages from a vintage hymnal
* 1 silver glitter spider
* 2 black spiders
* 1 glitter pumpkin
* orange and white bakers twine
* metallic orange ribbon

-please note: due to vintage items, kit may vary *ever-so* slightly, the last listing photo is an example of how your kit will arrive, it may or may not include the items pictured, BUT I always.always include a fun array of extra goodies... you will surely be delighted!!


Sugar Skull Beanie

These Sugar Skull designs on a cozy beanie are certain to garner the attention and compliments of perfect strangers on any wee cutie! With a whimsical 'nod' to Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), how sweet it is to honor an ancient Aztec tradition that is still celebrated today!

(Plus, how can you resist the fun?!?)

All sugar skull designs are original, made with high quality-100% wool felt, hand sewn and secured to the felt skull shape, then again stitched on to the beanie. Beanies are listed as one size fits most.

I'm excited to see how this, my first giveaway, goes!  Thank you to Jillian for allowing me to pimp out your stuff and a HUGE thanks to my fantastic readers.  I'm hoping to hear from many of you.  Send this to your friends, pass the word! 

*Remember, to enter - become a follower of this blog and comment on this post!  xoxo 

You can view Jillian's etsy store by clicking here:  Paisley Couture
You can view Jillian's amazing photography by clicking here:  Jillian Paddack Photography

With much love...


  1. Yes, I'm totally going to try and win these for myself.

  2. Christina StephensonOctober 2, 2010 at 6:22 PM

    I love reading your blog!! I literally laugh out loud when reading it! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. lol, youre a cheater! love your blog and you! wish me luck!

  4. Your mother is a faithful reader, the best way to see what's going on in the Peter's household, so here's my comment: Love to the Peters and I want to wear the beanie in front of my 4th graders.

  5. The anonymous is your mother.

  6. I have been a follower for awhile. I found you through my cousin, Melissa Hunnicutt's blog and think you are fabulous! I love the way you think and you make me laugh!

  7. Ashley, I love reading your blog....It is so awesome that you are giving away some blog candy....Keep up entertaining us with your wonderful blog and I am going to continue following you. Happy 1 year......

  8. A giveaway, how fun!
    You know I LOVE your blog!

  9. Count me in Ashley, I love the Halloween goodies!

  10. Skyler's Halloween costume has several sugar skulls on it! The beanie is just too cute!

    Congratulations on your anniversary!


  11. You are too creative! Happy 1 year anniversary! Thanks for letting me into your beautiful life :). BTW, what if I'm already a follower? Hehe!

  12. BTW, I just realized I've been following you this whole time "anonymously"! I was wondering why I couldn't see myself. Just changed it :).

  13. Alright Ashley, I haven't really officially followed anyone on these blogs until now! You had me at free! Love your blog!

  14. i happened across your blog some time ago and have thoroughly enjoyed reading!

  15. So cute ASH! Love love reading your blog. Can relate to so many things you post and nice to catch up with your family.

  16. you know i love me my peters party of 5!!! you rock, ashley. congrats on one year! adorable giveaways!!

  17. I stumbled across this blog a few months back, and I look forward to your updates daily. Your kids are adorable, and you are hilarious! This blog is my daily link to laughter. Congrats on the anniversary!!

  18. Count me in. You never seem to run out of ideas to talk to your kids about. I love their comments. Keep up the good work. Best of luck in this new year of writing.

  19. Happy anniversary! I feel like I know you IRL from reading your blog.

  20. I think your blog is fab!!'s great to hear how another mom wonderfully entertains her kiddos in this busy world we live in...congrats on 1 year!!

  21. Ben Faz said...

    Ashley, I love to hear about you and your family. You're the one that got me started with this Blogging stuff, and all I have to say is thanks.


  22. okay so now I am an OFFICAL follower. Thanks for sharing your many laughs, tears, special moments of your wonderful family.

  23. I just started to read your blog and after I read the first blog, I spent all night up reading the whole dang funny...

  24. Ashley,love to read and enjoy your family log, it helps to keep close to all of you!! Love ya! Auntie Pam


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