Sunday, May 30, 2010

Missing an old friend

I don't read anymore.  I hate that.  I haven't read a book book in quite a while.  I think it's because my time is so limited.  I have LOTS of random minutes of free time (enough to write half a blog or check my email, unload the dishwasher, or change the bedding on one bed) but not lots of minutes strung together.  Lauren does nothing but nap but I'm not as fortunate with the other two.  And although they don't need me, they do.  Not too many minutes go by without someone coming to get me for something or yelling my name or whatever.  Because of this, I don't sit down to get engaged in a book.  I can engage myself in People magazine, in a blog, or, but just not a book.  My goal this summer is to change that.  Not only do I miss it terribly but I don't want the kids to think that mommy only reads on the computer.

I would never poo-poo the computer, though.  It allows me to read numerous newspapers online, most of which I'd never read otherwise.  It allows me to keep in touch with friends and family.  If I don't talk to my mom on the phone everyday we email everyday.  It allows me to bitch here on my blog, it allows me a tiny window to the outside world during those hours that I am stuck at home with no one older than 5.  Thank God for the computer.  Thank God for blogs.  Thank God for facebook.  But an old friend is missing.  Books.  

Any recommendations of what I should read first?



  1. Oh, you've hit on my favorite topic. I love books.
    I just read Where The God Of Love Hangs Out by Amy Bloom and really enjoyed it. It's short stories, which might be a bit easier for you and your limited time, but about half of them are connected. As expected by the title, they all deal with love and relationships. I also loved Bloom's novel, Away, which was a sort of Odyssey-tale with a female protagonist.

  2. Cutting for Stone was excellent.

  3. my favorites from this year & last:
    The Glass Castle
    Water for Elephants
    The Center of Everything
    Come Back
    The Book Thief
    Little Children
    The Hunger Games & Catching Fire

  4. Hi Ashley! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I'm glad I found yours! I love your pictures and posts. Books -- I'm with you -- it's hard to find the time for them with a busy life/family. Definitely read Hunger Games and Catching Fire -- they are quick reads that really draw you in. I usually keep a non-fiction going. You might like Stephen Kings' On Writing -- fun since you're a writer! Have a great summer,


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