Friday, June 10, 2011

A lesson in humanity

In the summer of 2007 Chris came to Boston with me for the second time.  We left Drew and William, then ages 2 and 10 months respectively, and spent 6 days in Boston, Cape Cod, and a day riding bikes around Martha's Vineyard with my mom, aunt, uncle, and cousin.  We also went to a Red Sox game, Chris's first time to Fenway Pahk.  It just happened to be Disability Awareness night which made for a most memorable experience.  There was a young autistic man who was chosen to sing the National Anthem but just a little ways into it he stumbled on the words.  The entire stadium helped him sing the rest.  Can you hear me singing?  My voice is one of tens of thousands in this clip.  There wasn't a dry eye around, either.  I've been to Fenway numerous times but there will never be another experience like this one. 

Oh, and at this time next Friday, I'll be there again watching the Red Sox play the Milwaukee Brewers alongside mom, my cousin, and Drew.  Can't wait to sing Sweet Caroline with her.  Go Sawx!


  1. That was very cool. Enjoy the game! Cherry and I are going to be at Fenway for a game in July. Wicked excited!

  2. That gave me chills. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Ashley!


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