Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday wish

Today I woke up feeling kind of nostalgic, kind of sad.  No real reason, nothing to precipitate it.  I guess it's the beauty of having jacked up hormones, ya never know who may wake up in the morning.  I'm missing and thinking about Aunt Debbie, I'm wishing Chris wasn't so busy with CPR, I'm looking at Lauren and wishing she was still a newborn.  Ridiculous, emotional, exhausting, crazy.  I am thankful that I get to spend this morning with Lauren at music class, that's like therapy for me.  What I'd really like to be doing is taking a walk with Chris here.  Or alone.  Alone would be good, too.  Yeah, alone.  I'd like to take a walk here alone today.  Oh, well.  I'll settle for music class with Lauren. Not a bad alternative, actually. 


  1. Good alternative, indeed! I sure wish Carson would stop napping during all the little class times here.

  2. Man, I could use a walk there too.


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