Monday, December 14, 2009


'Tis the season.  FOR WRAPPING.  I'm not one to do gift bags.  I like pretty paper and even prettier ribbon.  I think presents should be presented and wrapped in a lovingly way.  Some people (my husband) think it doesn't matter one bit what it looks like and the fact that I don't just throw a present into some tissue paper and slap some tape on it is ridiculous.  I disagree and will always give gifts that I have spent the time to wrap and make pretty.  Last night I hauled down some of the gifts and some of my Christmas wrapping stuff.  Chris was sitting on the couch and sighed and said, "Thank God you're the woman."  *He's not sexist, really, he's not.*  As I was putting the wrapping stuff away I was thinking of how much prettier, how much easier, and how much MORE I would enjoy this labor of love if I had one of these:

A gift wrapping room!  Wouldn't that be terrific?  I can hear the laughter already at just the thought of even mentioning that something like this could exist in our house.  Chris would offer to buy me some tissue paper, some gift bags, and he may clear the kitchen counter off for me.  He'd say, "Here's your gift wrapping room, dear!"  Oh, well.  A girl can dream.  For now, the kitchen counter will suffice.


  1. Ooooh. Can you imagine? And you have to be older than 12 to enter!

  2. @ Amanda: Ohhh, I love that idea!

  3. I just had this talk with Mike, asking him if anyone appreciates that I love to wrap gifts and make them pretty. I feel like my efforts are wasted on most people. I have a friend who wraps crappily and the "gift bag" is a used Starbucks bag. Boo!!

  4. Whoa! An actual picture of the Spelling wrapping room? I thought it was an urban legend. Awesome!

  5. Oh, and I love wrapping, too. Sometimes, I just want to wrap, then rip open the gift in delight, and then re-wrap. Is this a sickness?

  6. Not to make you jealous or anything but I do have a scrapbook room which turns into the gift wrap room and Christmas.....hiding gifts....just shut the door!


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