Monday, March 14, 2011

Sending God a message

Today we had our routine 6-month dentist appointment for William.  Last time he went he was a freaking superstar.  This time wasn't much different although he was very nervous on the drive there.  He said as we were pulling into the parking lot, "My heart feels a little nuhvous.  It's thumping hard like I've been running." 

In addition to high fives, verbal praises, a goodie bag, and having his picture put on the bulletin board, William got a red balloon as we left the dentist's office.  When we got into the car he said, " I think I want to give this balloon to God."  When we got home he asked Chris to write a note on it telling God that he'd been to the dentist and that he did well.  Chris did and then we went outside for him to send his message up to the heavens.  

That William,  he's a sweet kid.



  1. oh so sweet! He has such a good heart and I love that part "my heart feels a little nuhvous..." thats so cute! Glad he did well at the dentist.

    I am loving your blog, can't wait to read more. Feel free to come visit me over at

    And my cousin and I just started a new blog about randomness from our lives. Feel free to stop by and follow us for your daily dose of randomness :)

  2. I love my grandson, he is just the sweetest person I know.


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