Thursday, September 30, 2010

Came and went in a flash

Chris thinks that I exaggerate every. single. thing. I. say.  And that I'm dramatic.  I completely disagree with him and think he just has so little tolerance for anything above and beyond absolute basic facts that he can hardly even hear me when I speak because I'm so thorough in my story telling.

I can tell you I am not exaggerating when I say that the morning we had was like heaven on earth.  For reals.  It was a quiet.  Like, "Listen to that, honey.  Can you hear that?  It sounds like nothing." kind of quiet.  I drank cucumber water.  Chris ate granola while sitting in front of a fireplace.  I heard Chris's breathing change from relaxed to asleep during his massage as he laid on the table next to me.  We sat in our plush robes by the waterfall in the cool breeze outside when we were finished.  I mean, really.  Heaven on earth.

We had a nice lunch after.  We sat in silence, we talked, we laughed.  I reminded him how God damned funny I am.  He reminded me how God damned cute he is.  We reminded each other that days like this - together and having fun, WITHOUT the kids, is so important and we don't do it nearly often enough.  

We got home and the sitter left and the big kids got home from school and we did homework and Chris left to teach CPR and it was 100% back to reality but those 3 hours together were great.  I know that if we didn't have this reality to get thrown back into that I wouldn't appreciate such times nearly as much. 

If you need time away - with your partner or alone - then make it happen.  Doesn't have to be for hours at a time or to somewhere expensive.  Never underestimate an hour at Borders by yourself.  Make it happen and own it. 

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  1. So happy you and Chris got that time together. It's so easy to let time together slide away once you've got kids.

  2. Sounds fabulous. It is amazing what a few hours of me time can do.


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