Wednesday, December 15, 2010

First movie theatre experience

Chris and I have a date on Friday but not just with each other, with Drew and William.  Lauren will stay home and be well cared for while the 4 of us go to dinner and a movie.  Drew has only been to a handful of movies but this will be William's first.  I predict he doesn't last but I may be wrong.  I think with Chris AND me AND Drew there, he may muster up the courage and suck it up a bit when it gets scary.  Scary is loud, dark, big things - so pretty much a movie theatre could be traumatic.  We'll see.  I really don't see a need for a 4 year old to be going to a movie theatre anyway, so if he doesn't like it, I'm ok with that.  It'll be fun to have a date with 3 of my 4 favorites, though. 

How old was your youngest when you took him/her to a movie theatre? 

Yogi Bear!  Oh, and it's 3D.  That could be adding scary to scary.  We'll see.

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  1. Avery first went when he was 2...on the navy base in the huge theater where he could walk around and not bug anyone. He was totally impressed, in awe for about 20 minutes and then lost interest. By 4 though, he loved them. Bet William likes it! I recently went to Tangled and it is THE BEST children's movie I have seen in eons. We watched it in 3D which I would highly recommend. The story line is great, lots of humor even the adults will enjoy and the animation is fantastic. It would be a great movie for your next family date night!

  2. Cailey was 2 1/2 and we took her the day after Christmas last year to see Princess and the Frog. Totally scary in some parts but she did well over all. Shes only been to one or two since....

  3. I have yet to take Garrett. I should.

  4. I have always loved movies. One of my fave memories when I was a kid was going to go see Annie at the naval base with my sister and mom. Soooo exciting!!

  5. Joelle was 18 months old when she watched Horton Hears a Who. She slept through the 1st half and sat in her stroller for the 2nd half. It was the $1 movie so we could have just walked out if she didn't like it.

    Jaden just turned 2 when he watched Toy Story 3. Sat through the entire thing. I think the fact that it was Toy Story had a big part in it.

    Enjoy your family date! Maybe some popcorn will help William. I have a feeling he will do just fine :).

  6. Zack has always been a movie lover. Sky is iffy at best. She's still not a fan of anything that isn't basically a Disney love story.

  7. Camden was just shy of 2 when she saw Ratatouille. Even at 2 she sat through an entire movie and loved it! We took Carter to see Princess and the Frog when he was 14 months old. Mark had to leave half way through, but we went during naptime. We just recently took him to Tangled and he sat through the whole thing! He loved the horse. I'm very lucky both my kids love movies, but it does cost a ridiculous amount of crap! Jenne


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