Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm outta here! Well, not quite yet.

A week from today I'm going to be sitting here, next to my mom, NOT watching Spongebob but watching something far more intellectual like Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or 16 and Pregnant.  Why?  Because I can. 

A week from tonight I'll be falling asleep here.  There will be no baby monitor at my bedside and no chance of someone whispering, "Mommy" into my ear at 3am because of wet sheets.

A week from tomorrow morning I'll be drinking my morning coffee from here, the original Starbucks.  The Mothership. 

A week from tomorrow afternoon, mom and I will be visiting these two places, probably in the pouring rain.

I'm unsure what the rest of next week will hold for us, but it will be us eating and drinking our way through Seattle together.  If you have any, "Oh, my gosh, you MUST do this" suggestions for us, please leave a comment! 

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  1. Remember, the tasty Crumpet Shop is in this area. What's your itinerary so far?

  2. Yes...you must hit me up when you are here! :) I will come for lunch or meet you for drinks!!! I think you will love Seattle. It is a fun place to visit. Brunch at the Space Needle is fab.

  3. Yay! Headed here in July and cannot wait. Justin used to live in Seattle and when we were here last we trolled the neighborhoods and hit up the Seattle Art Museum followed by pizza in Pioneer Square. Have fun!

  4. So great you can have this special time with your mom. Enjoy every minute!


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