Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The end of the year can only mean one thing...

It's new calendar time!  Only two days left on my 2010 Mom Calendar and I realized I hadn't yet bought a new one.  Our life is run by our calendar and the thought of not having one filled out and hanging on the kitchen wall freaks me out.  Do you have a specific one you like?  I am what Chris likes to call "particular" when it comes to most things and my choice of calendar is no exception.  I'm over the pretty, artsy, matchesmykitchendecor kinda calendar.  It's all about being functional and efficient.  This is something I look at numerous times a day and with 5 people who often have 5 different things going on in the same day, it can get messy.  Here is my not-so-pretty-but-super-functional 2010 calendar.

See?  A spot for everyone.  It's what we need.  If you know of something similar that is a wee bit less cartoony, I'd love to know about it.  Until then, this will hang in my kitchen.  And because the end of the year kind of snuck up on me, I just ordered my 2011 calendar today.  (I ordered it here if you're interested).  That's alright, the first few days of January we'll just be completely lost and late for everything.  Then the calendar will arrive, I'll fill it out, and we'll be back on track.

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  1. Oh, you know I'm a HUGE Erin Condren fan. Check out this cool one:
    It's not seperated by person, but by day. I like that!

  2. I had the same one last year. I'd also be happy to sell my kids for Erin Condren goods. I have her life planner and it is heavenly.

  3. Amanda, I love that you're loving the life planner. It's my favorite!


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