Monday, December 13, 2010

I need to hear a moan, apparently

At 4:30am this morning I heard, "Mommy, I'm shivering like I'm cold but my body feels really hot."  Before I even opened my eyes I thought, "Oh, hell no.  Not today.  I have too much to do." 

I got Drew some Motrin, some ice water, and changed her from her winter pj's into just a t-shirt.  She was burning up.  When I got back into my bed, I was thinking about how if she was feeling ok, she was just going to have to come along, I have too much planned.  Then, as I was laying there trying to figure out the logistics of the day to come, I heard her moan and I realized this was not about me or my things that I had to get done.  It was about a sick little girl.  You'd think with 3 kids and going through this every 6 or 8 weeks (it seems) that I'd be better about focusing on what is really important.  I'm glad she moaned, it brought me back to reality.

Fast forward 4 hours and she's fine.  Like completely fine.  I didn't send her to school because, well, she had a raging fever just 4 hours prior, but now I'm back to trying to figure out the logistics of the day.  Chances are before lunch she'll be back to being feverish, it's just how it goes.  My morning planning will, once again, be thrown out the window.  I'm hoping she moans again.  I think I'll need it.

I may not win any Mother of the Year awards for dragging a feverish girl around with me but I'd like to stay in the top 15 of the blog ratings.  Please click once to vote!  xoxo
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  1. We Mom's need that little reminder every once in awhile to put us and our child's needs first. Focus on what is important - the rest can wait - it really can!!

    Hope your peanut feels better!!


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