Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A first for both of us

As of today I get to add Toothfairy to my list of privileges and duties and Drew gets to add talking with a lisp as one of her endearing qualities.

This is the pillow my grandma made for me when I was little.  My brother had one just like it.  We'd stick our tooth in the little tiny pocket in front and in the big pocket in the back would always be our coins.

Drew tucked her tooth in this and put it on her rocking chair tonight when she went to bed.  She didn't want it under her pillow.  She came downstairs about 20 minutes later saying she was too scared to have it in her room.  I told her the toothfairy was going to look for it in her room and it needed to stay there.  She's a fairy and is kind and blah, blah, blah.  I went up about half an hour later and found Drew sound asleep and the pillow was here:

After some great suggestions given by friends on facebook I decided on giving her 4 sparkling quarters.  Money doesn't have any great value but this will be fun to go to the dollar store and declare any item in the store free game. 

There is clear sparkly dust all over them, hard to tell in this picture.

I'm going to put some of this fine sparkly glitter on her bureau and maybe a bit in her hair as well.  I know, sounds crazy.  I'll be cursing myself for the next two weeks for doing it, I'm sure. 

The deed is done and this is how I left her.

She's got another tooth that is pretty loose so this process will repeat itself in the next week or two.  How lucky is she that Santa and the Toothfairy visit her just days apart?  And how lucky am I that I get to have so many duties these days?  Loving it.

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  1. I giggled when I saw her pillow in the hallway :). You're brave for spreading glitter everywhere!


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