Thursday, December 16, 2010

Taking one (or two, or three) to the doctor

I haven't taken less than two children at a time with me to the doctor in a very long time.  And with my three, we seem to go often.  And actually, more often than not it's me taking all three of them.  That's how it goes when you have a husband who works crazy hours.  I don't dread it, the kids for the most part are well behaved but it's a little crowded in those little rooms while 3 little people get squirrely as we wait. 

Today, while William was at school, I took Drew for an appointment to see what the hell is up with her high fevers and sore throat and of course my little buddy Lauren came along.  I always have fruities, my chapstick, my phone, and my keys that I can pull out and hand to Lauren which will buy me at least a minute and a half.  She's pretty good but ya know, it's no fun waiting in a little room.

Today, Drew and Lauren sat and read.  Drew really read, Lauren just pretended to read, copying Drew.  I just sat.  I didn't have to monitor or redirect or keep anyone from trying on the blood pressure cuff.  It was lovely.

Drew was not nearly as cooperative for the strep swab.  It took THREE adults to hold her down.  We gave her ample time to choose to do it on her own and she got to the point of no return so we just had to do it.  All I can say is I'm 35 and she's 5 and if she was pissed, I wouldn't want to meet her in dark ally, even with our age differences.  I think she'd totally kick my ass.  That girl is vicious and strong.

At the doctor's office today

At Costco a few days ago.  Love that she loves to read, no matter where we are.

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  1. Ethan was just commenting on how strong Ryan can be. Recently he has had to be forcibly taken to his room, all while kicking and screaming, and Ethan said it was hard. How does that happen?

  2. Oh I hear you. When Zack was almost three and I cut the tip of his finger off (best Mother day evah) he had to have an IV. It took SEVEN adults and me lying on top of him to get it in. They have super-human strength when they don't want medical intervention.

  3. What a cute, sassy little bookworm!

  4. I know that doctor visit feeling. Tried it with 4. :)


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