Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy birthday to my BFF

Susan and I grew up together.  We met in second grade and became instant best friends.  I was super bossy and she let me boss her around.  A great match.  I have vague memories of the bossy friend I was when I was little and I actually wonder why she became my best friend but she did, and for that I am eternally grateful.  Here were are in our first year of friendship - 2nd grade!

Susan is on the top right with the perfect curly ponytails and I'm in the middle row of the bottom with the perfect blonde braids.  Aren't we cute?

I lived on Redwood Lane and Susan lived on Aspen Lane.  It was terribly convenient since it took a  45 second bike ride or a 3 minute walk from driveway to driveway.  

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We were inseparable and did nothing in the summer but swim, eat popsicles, make tollhouse cookies and eat the dough, create synchronized swimming routines, build forts, and ride our bikes.  During the school year we were in the same class and had swim practice together everynight.  For reals, inseparable.  Susan moved after 4th grade and I can remember feeling completely lost.  She returned after 6th grade and we picked right back up.  We did everything together from 6th grade 'til after graduation from high school.  You know like Bert and Ernie go together?  You rarely say one name without the other?  It was that way with us.  Susan and Ashley.  Ashley and Susan. 

Senior prom

Seniors!  '93!

After high school she went to Irvine, I went to Stanislaus.  We saw each other off and on our freshman year in college but after that life took over and our visits and communication slowed to almost nothing.  That sucked.  We never really lost touch but life took a turn for us.  I guess after spending the last 10 years of our life together every single day it was time.  We began to reconnect in the early 2000's - we were both out of school and in our jobs.  Adults!

About a month and a half after Drew was born Susan came to visit and meet Drew.  That was awesome.

Drew, 6 weeks and Susan

We met up again in 2004 in Vegas for a surprise 30th birthday party for Brandon.  Brandon didn't know any of the 30 guests were coming, including Susan who flew in.

Vegas, 2004.  We had a blast (despite my bitchy look) celebrating my brother's 30th birthday.

Vegas, 2004.  Suz, Brandon, me.  Just like old times.

Today Susan turns 29.  Well, not quite, but ya know.  So, in honor of her 29th birthday I'd like to wish the happiest of days.  I am so grateful for texting, our main way of communicating these days, and for the thousands of memories we made together.  I'm a better person because of our friendship and I hope my daughters have a friend in their lives that means as much to them as you do to me.  From New Kids to U2, from swimming to water polo, from the Caprice Classic to your Infinity.  Love you.

Would love if you'd click once.  xoxo
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  1. Happy Birthday to Susan.

    I am so happy for you and for my Skyler that there are children who are the opposite of their bossy. It makes for a nice friendship.

  2. OMG MR Fetterhoff!! LMAO and I totally have that prom pic of you and susan......that was your Jr year cause you are in a pic with JP too.....or maybe she came back from KU and went with Chris? IDK that is awesome!! Miss you both and happy b day susie q!!

    Love Becky Gorthy LHS c/o 95 baby!!

  3. Love it Ash, absolutely awesome! We could go on and on with all the stories and memories :0)

    Thanks for making my birthday so special - love you all!!!


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