Friday, December 3, 2010

Hell to the NO

I saw this commercial and I could faintly hear Drew in the background saying, "Mommy, can we get that, please?"  I could only hear her faintly because the voices in my head were so loud and they were saying, "Are you kidding me?  That stuff would get everywhere.  Who is going to clean that up?  I would have to, that's who.  Hell to the no will I ever buy that.  Who created that?  Some men in a boardroom who think that carpet cleans itself." 

Have you seen this?

This is Moxie Girlz Magic Snow Cabin.  It actually snows.  See it there?
The hoochy snow bunnies are sold separately.

Here's the snow.  Can you just imagine this all over your livingroom floor?

Do you see on there it says, "Makes 6 cups of snow!"  Hardly a selling point.

She's smiling and giving a thumbs up because she doesn't have to clean all that crap up.

Am I the only one who thinks these things when I see these kinds of toys?  I'm all about the kids having fun, etc. but I mean, c'mon.  This is not necessary.  Right?

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  1. you are SO not the only one who thinks that! Every toy I look at, the first thing I think is "how much clean up is this going to require of me".

  2. well, aside from the fact that it is girly and frilly... I do not think those things. I have 3 boys. I live for a good dirty mess! That is why God created kitchen floors and newspapers for lining.
    what I think when I see a commercial like that is "Who needs a cabin and a doll? Just give me the INSTA SNOW!!!!"

    there is al ink to just buying Insta-Snow. More Bang for you Buck and no hoochy snowbunnies! I think I might go buy some myself, now. what FUN!

    (besides. I am a Lazy Mom. I make my kids clean their own messes. so they can make as many messes as they want, as long as the clean up. "CSI CLEAN" I call it. Leave No Evidence)

    (found you via TopMommyBlogs)


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