Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Drew's champagne ordeal - resolution!

I swear you won't hear of this again after this post!

Today I received a phone call from the general manager of the restaurant/catering company responsible for serving the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco where the Nutcracker is performed.   He was very concerned about making sure the situation is rectified.  (If you don't know what situation I'm referring to you can read here for the initial post and then here for the first update.)  He apologized, wanted to know the whole story, and then asked if I had any suggestions as to how it could be done differently.  Since we both agreed that serving the sparkling apple cider in a champagne flute is part of the allure and the fancy of the day, changing the serving glass itself wasn't really an option.  I suggested that Nutcracker stickers be put on the non-alcoholic flutes.  He liked that idea and suggested maybe a ribbon be tied to the non-alcoholic drinks.  Either way, someone at the Opera House now has a fantastic job of slapping something onto hundreds of champagne flutes.  *sorry 'bout that!*  His attention to the matter and his approach satisified me very much.  I was in no way looking for compensation of any kind but he was kind of enough to encourage me to keep his info. and contact him next year when we purchase tickets.  Maybe we'll enjoy a free gingerbread cookie while sipping cider out of our clearly marked champagne flutes.  I'm very much looking forward to that!  

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  1. Great idea to add stickers! Less work than ribbons and all kids love stickers!


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