Thursday, December 9, 2010

Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is craziness.

What does love look like in your house?  You know it can take on many shapes and sizes.  Somtimes it's a kiss in the kitchen while the kids look on and cringe.  Sometimes it's snuggling after bath and reading a story.  Sometimes it's one child letting the other go first as we walk into the house after school. 

This morning the love in this house took the form of prompting and yelling and reminding and yelling.  "Love is patient, love is kind."  Yes, but love is not tolerant.  Not this morning.  And please, as much as I love you, my patient and kind readers, I don't need time management tips.  I need children who listen in the morning.  That's it.  I knew that when I started saying, "Look, I love you very much, but this is absolutely driving me crazy this morning" that my yelling was out of control.  I don't often doubt how I handle parenting situations but I knew this morning I was freaking crazy.  When I have to yell the words, "I love you" in the middle of a rant, I know I've turned the corner of crazy.  And really - I have clothes out, lunches made, children bathed all the night before.  It takes them getting their ass up and moving, that's it.  Up, eat, dress, brush teeth and hair.  That's it.

So now, 3 hours later, I haven't come back from turning the corner of crazy.  Every single thing annoys me this morning.  My tolerance is non-existent and whether it's the song on the radio, the nice lady with cane crossing the crosswalk so GD slowly on my green light, or the way William skipped down the hall at school - it bugs me.  Who is annoyed by a joyful boy skipping?  Me, that's who.  My benchmark for these kinds of days (which are very infrequent) is Lauren.  I won't nauseate you with how perfect she is but if she annoys me, crazy is confirmed.  And yes, she annoys me this morning.  She's napping now so after I post this blog, I'm going to go take a hot shower, eat a nice lunch, and declare the day new.  

Please tell me you have days like this.  

Love is clicking once, right here!
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  1. I have these mornings ALL THE TIME. Mornings are the worst, and I feel like I'm the worst mom in the mornings. I'm so not a morning person, and at times feel like my head is about to start spinning. Once I drink my 3rd cup of coffee I start to feel normal again. And then at 2:30 when all the kids are home from school, it starts all over.....

  2. Hell to the yes! I am so over the snot in this house, and being stuck at home not spreading germs. Ryan missed 2 days of school and OMG...its too much. I have approx 20 people coming tomorrow for an ornament exchange. The house is trashed. Luke is gonna have to hang out with grandpa so he doesn't snot on everyone (and grandma won't be there so i am terrified) and I JUST WANT TO CLEAN UP AND FINISH DECORATING before 10am tomorrow and i don't see it happening. Yes, i'm annoying with everyone and everything.

  3. Yes, Yes, and Yes! I still remember the days when my son was little too and I look back on them and think "I wish I had more patience that day" and dwell, feeling guilt. AND GUESS WHAT? He doesn't remember at all! I will say, you remember that time when I was really mad & he says "nope!". So the good news infrequent crazy days are like a free pass...if the kids don't notice or remember, it didn't happen. :)

  4. you are definately not alone. that was me yesterday. i really try very hard two times during the day to stay sane. its in the morning before they go to school and before they go to bed. which are two of the hardest times to do that. i want them to walk into school confident and happy and not with memories of me yelling and being crazy. i want them to fall asleep with a memory of me smiling and kissing them goodnight and not of me yelling for them to hurry up and get into bed. we are normal. we are human and most importantly we are teaching our children that. nothing worse then a child growing up thinking everything is all rosey and then they actually have a day like we have and think something is wrong with them. they need to know that they have bad days, we have bad days. i will try not to annoy you during pick up today, lol. love ya, ashley.

  5. Definitely!!! You're preaching to the choir! I'm usually the crazy one in this house, and I just get these looks from the kids, "Who are you and what did you do to my mom today?" Like Misty said, we're all normal :). And Brandi, don't worry about cleaning and decorating for us tomorrow :).


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