Friday, December 17, 2010

Movie, thumbs down. Eating popcorn and an icee at 7:00pm, thumbs up.

Our sitter got sick the day of our movie date so we split up - Chris and Lauren had a date at home while the big kids and I had a date at the movie theatre.  We saw Yogi Bear which was just meh.  Some people behind us laughed out loud a few times and I wanted to turn around and ask them what I missed, what was funny?  And I think I have a pretty good sense of humor but I guess the Yogi Bear humor was lost on me.  Anyway, After spending $26.30 on crap, we settled in.  This was William's first movie theatre experience and after declaring this morning that he was "nuhvis" and asking if he could bring a flashlight or daddy's noise ear protectors, he was fine as the previews started.  The movie began and he was fidgety and would stand and then sit and then stand and then sit...  At exactly 45 minutes in he said he wanted to leave.  Drew didn't so we took a little break outside, a little walk around, and then went back in.  He had ants in his pants the remainder of the time but overall he did well.  He said twice that he was bored but said to Chris when we got home that it was a great movie.  I think he was a bit bored.  What was great was the $26.30 worth of crap.

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  1. So bummed the movie was blah!
    I wanted to take G, but now I may hold out for something better.

  2. I get bored at movies too. Skyler does as well. Zack sits enraptured until the last little square of film has passed through the projector.


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