Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dear 2010,

Dear 2010,
How can I sum you up?  You were memorable.  I think that's about the only word that's the most fitting.  Let's break it down.

February:  The baby girl, my first born who I just seemed to give birth to, turned 5. 

March:  The baby girl, my last born who I just seemed to give birth to, turned 1.  Mom celebrated 4 years of great health post-cancer diagnosis.

June:  David and Teni got married, a beautiful celebration.  I said the most painful goodbye of my life to someone I love and was able to do it in person and with hugs and tears and words.  I'm so grateful to have been able to do that.

July:  Aunt Debbie died and changed the way I feel about some things.  Life is so short.

August:  Drew began kindgarten.

September:  My sweet, talkative, love of a boy turned 4.  I was finally given a diagnosis and started meds which thankfully have kept things under control.

October:  I turned 35 and with that came such a confidence and calm that I am in complete control and in charge of this life I've created for my family.

December:  Ends the first complete year since 2003 that I haven't been pregnant or nursing.  No wonder I'm finally calm!  Took Drew to the Nutcracker for the second year in a row.  Drew nearly got tossed for the first time at age 5.  My entire family will together at my house for Christmas.

How was 2010 for you? 

Lovin' the love.  Thanks for clicking.
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  1. What a great idea for a post! I'm going to have to put some thought into this one. I'm Nancy Negative when reviewing.

  2. The most important event: watching my niece, Emma, grow and seeing her personality blossom. At times, I see my sister in her, at other times, myself. She is the apple of my eye and dictates my schedule ( I will not book a wedding if it gets in the way of visiting her). Jay and I have been together 11 years at this point. Talking about how time flies! Sheesh! We went to Italy which was one of those long-talked about dream vacations that finally came to fruition. I've grown tremendously in the professional capacity and feel extremely confident in my performance in that aspect. I trade millions of dollars a day, yo.


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