Sunday, December 5, 2010

I love my kids more than I love having the perfect Christmas tree... but not by much.

I love Christmas and I love for things to be just so.  This year I let the kids decorate the Christmas tree on their own, they had been begging to and I realized the importance of letting them do that.  The end result may throw me into a seizure but... I'll deal.  And for those of you who are coming at Christmas, this is your disclaimer.  I had nothing to do with the tree but I have three happy and proud littles who will claim it with pride.  That's all that matters.  I guess. 

Proud to be helping

Taking shape.  Kind of.

So happy to be decorating the tree!

Chris tried to give some direction which was disregarded completely

Break time!
*I know this is the most ghetto photo ever, but I swear - we rarely buy Miller High Life.

The final product.  We haven't had ornaments on the bottom of our tree since 2006. 

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  1. That is AWESOME!!!

  2. It's gonna be a sad day in the Peters home when the bottom of your tree is decorated as beautifully as the top.

  3. Lauren and Mikayla should definitely be friends, I think they'd get along well. She prefers Pabst Blue Ribbon. ;)

  4. I love the last picture! I was planning on not putting anything breakable at the bottom...but I may just copy you.

  5. I am impressed that you let the kids decorate, especially since I cannot bring myself to do this yet.


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