Saturday, August 14, 2010


I'm throwing the hammer down.  Now is as good a time as any.  School starts in two days and with that will come some new changes.

This summer I became so lax with, well, mostly everything.  The tv especially.  It became survival mode for a little while there and since the tv takes the place of ME, I don't sit and watch what they watch.  I'm busy doing something MUCH more important.  I discovered after numerous eye rolls and some teenage girl toneofvoice and attitude from Drew that just because iCarly and Hannah Montana are on kid stations doesn't mean they are for kids... who are 5.  And when Drew and William continue to call each other "stupid" and "you fool" and "idiot" I had to wonder who in the hell these kids were and where are they learning this stuff?  Ummm, hello!  Unsupervised television, mother of the year!  I just can't believe it's gotten to this point.  Soo, last night I sat down with the remote and taught myself how to block ALL programs that are not rated Y for youth.  Why I didn't do that 6 months ago I have no idea.  TV problem is solved I think. 

Another thing that's changing is the options for meals.  The options these kids have are ridiculous.  "What would you like for breakfast?  French toast, eggs, cereal, granola bar, toast, fruit?"  No more.  I can't do it.  And there is no reason why I should.  They will eat what I serve or they won't eat.  I find myself making 3 or 4 different things for breakfast and lunch and one day it just dawned on me.  THIS IS ABSURD.  Who does that?  Well, not me.  Not anymore.  This morning I served pancakes for breakfast and Miss Thang was very unhappy and you know what I said?  "Get used to it." 

I've already said, "Oh, I know, it's so awful here." and they are only 3 and 5.  What are their teenage years going to be like?  Hell, probably.  Complete hell.  'Cause really, it's soooooo awful here.


  1. If they're not good, respectful childrens and you want to get rid of them, I will totally step in as a replacement kid, and be grateful to receive whatever breakfast you serve. Heck, I don't even WANT to watch Hannah Montana! Think about it, how good a kid would I be?!

  2. We're about to do the same thing at dinner. I serve them what we're eating & if they don't like it I've been getting up & fixing them something else. No more!

  3. I'm so not a believer in making multiple items for different folks for meals. You're not short-order cook!

  4. I've said several times to a whining Boy, "I don't care what you want."


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