Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Band Aids with an explanation

The two older kids are bruised up all the time.  Their legs look atrocious and often their arms, too.  Drew tends to fight dirty and goes right for the face when William and Drew get into it physically so William often has something on his face, as well.  I'm over the whole oh-I-hope-no-one-thinks-I-did-that-to-them thing.  Between doing karate on each other at home, riding bikes, the trampoline, and just being kids they are jacked. up.  Since a wet paper towel or a Band Aid seem to fix everything, I'm going to get these.  This will solve all questions about what happened there? and that's new, did that just happen?

Goodbye Transformer, Spiderman, and Hello Kitty Band Aids.  Hello to these:

You can buy them here at Urban Outfitters if you're interested, and I know you are!


  1. Oh my head, those are awesome! I need to find "dueling" ones!

  2. those are awesome. we'd run out of the ninja fight ones first, for sure. everyone in this house thinks they're a ninja.

  3. I need one for Ryan that says "my little brother beat me up...again." Ethan sent Luke outside because he was crying about nothing. Ofcourse Luke screamed louder. Ethan let him come back in because he was scared someone would call CPS, lol. Sometimes he is a rookie:)

  4. Ashley, how do you find these things?! Awesome!!! How about a teeny-bitty-fly-touched-me one? Joelle goes through those like crazy!

  5. I freaking love these. Especially Dance Off.

  6. I've been hurt in a dance off. Wish I had these at the time.


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