Wednesday, August 24, 2011

~ What the Hell Wednesday ~

What the hell is up with 2 year olds?  You don't have to feel sorry for her.  This was because I wouldn't let her walk by herself across the street. It just sucks that everything is so dramaaaaaatic and traumaaaaatic.  I've dealt with two 2 year olds before her, I just wish she knew what a pro she was dealing with.  She'd cry uncle and stop all the nonsense.  Honestly, I'm kind of over it.    

How did you spend YOUR Wednesday morning?


  1. She's probably frustrated that the historical data, which points overwhelming towards the youngest child tending to get what they want, is not working in her favor.

  2. I concur. Numerous test subjects have proven that mothers have a Pavlovian response to the youngest child's vocalizations. Cry = You Can Have Whatever You Want.

  3. Several times this week I have told Luke "this isn't my first rodeo" and walked away or stepped over him during a fit. He has spent a lot of time sitting at the bottom of the stairs screaming he is sorry..but he has no idea what he is sorry for. He is crying because he doesn't have something BEFORE he even asks for it. He needs immediate results...I am not fast enough for him (not even on my best day) and we have been going rounds...

  4. Awww. But she's so cute when she's screaming!

  5. oh man I feel you here! My two year old is a master fit thrower. We don't give into her and she spends a lot of time screaming on her bedroom floor. I wish she would just learn that no matter how much she screams... it wont change what she wants it too.

  6. she's so cute, even when she's crying!


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