Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gave birth to the blog 2 years ago, let's celebrate!

On October 5, 2009, I posted this:

First post on my first blog - I figured I'd start out small and easy. Kinda like that girl to the right, there. Small and easy. Check back, I'll try and keep you up on the daily nothings of the Peters household. Here we go!

Since then I've posted 678 more blog posts.  It's crazy to think that in nearly 2 years I've sat down at least 4 or 5 times a week and written something that you have read.  Well, ok, you haven't read them all but even if you've read a handful it still trips me out.  For reals, I expect my mom to be my only reader and as you know, I'm thrilled to know that in fact she is not the only one.  YOU are, too, and I love that.

SO!  In celebration of this little blog's two year anniversary we're doing a GIVEAWAY!  With some blog giveaways you have to do 5 different things just to qualify and enter.  This one is so easy.  Ready?  You have to "like" my Peters Party of 5 facebook page.  You have to "like" our giveaway boutique's facebook page, Misty's Cans and More.  That's it.  (You can click on both those purple links to get to the appropriate page, click like, and you're done!)

Wanna see the goods? 

Isn't it so cute?  You can use this festive Fall decorated can as a vase, you can fill it with kitchen goodies and give it as a housewarming or a thank you gift, you can put your favorite recipe inside and give it to your child's teacher, the possibilites are endless, really.  *Check out all her other great creations on her Etsy page by clicking here!*

The giveaway will end and a winner will be chosen on the two year anniversary, Wednesday, October 5. 

Remember, all you have to do is "like" Peters Party of 5 and "like" Misty's Cans and More

Thanks for reading and checking in and for the feedback you provide.  I'm proud to be a member of the Mommy Club and to be able to share my stories and in return hear about yours.

Please be sure to "like" both pages to enter and pass this along to your friends. 



  1. Wow, she's so tiny and pre-demon. Besides that, happy 2nd anniversary!!!

  2. Congrats to 2 years, Ashley and beautiful can, Misty!

  3. Congrats Ashley! I love reading your family adventures. Oh and I liked your friend's FB page. What beautiful work!

  4. Yahh!!!!!! 2 years....how fast that goes. well i look forward to more posts!!! They do brighten my day.



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