Monday, February 28, 2011

Living with an addict ain't easy

So.  Lauren.  She's has this addiction.  It's to her pacifier, lovingly known as The Chewie.  William had one, too, but he was never addicted the way Lauren has become.  It's intense, this addiction she has.  We've decided to make the chewie strictly a bedtime thing.  That means no more chewies downstairs.  Lauren is having a helluva time with this.  Today is day three.  We actually have to lock her bedroom door because she goes upstairs to climb into her crib and get them. 

Her withdrawl symptoms are painful for us all because it's so out of character for her.  She's whiny, fussy, pissy, moody, and generally just not all that pleasant.  After 23 months and 3 weeks of being such a happy girl, she's turned into a moody toddler and I'm not liking this very much.

Today she hit a new low.  You know how alcoholics may resort to Robitussin or Nyquil to get their alcohol fix?  Lauren showed me that if she can't have a chewie, she'd find an alternative for her addiction as well.

I found her twice today sucking on a sippy lid.  She has never done this before.  And those tears?  A constant fixture these last couple days.

Her 2nd birthday party is on Saturday and I'm hoping she is her normal sunshiney self and not this mopey thing that's been wandering the house for the last three days.


  1. oh, my!!!!! give the poor baby her chewie, for goodness sake!!!! ;)

  2. It will only take a few more days!! I promise!! Robert gave up his pacifier for his thumb so when the time came to give that up we used bandaids and he was done with it all in 8 days!! It felt more horrible for us then him.

  3. That teary face...with a sippy lid...oh my! :(

    Bring on the thick skin, Ashley. Hang in there for just a few more days. You can do it (I think it really is harder for the parents). It took a week for Jaden.

    Just wondering if you thought of doing cold turkey? It was a CIO deal for us here when Jaden went through it. I have no idea what we're going to do with Julian when the time comes since he has the thumb.

    Good luck!!!

  4. "Hi, my name is Lauren, and I'm a chewie addict." So sad. With the support and love of her family and friends, she can break this habit.

  5. Don and I are looking forward to seeing your family on Sat. Don has never met Lauren. Last year us girls were at her party but the boys stayed back at Gene's. It will be a great day!
    Just fyi, Tyler was also addicted to the pacifier. I took it away earlier though at 16mos. He would actually get huge sores by his mouth from sucking so hard, taking it away was a must. Good luck, she will be fine. xoxo

  6. Awww...poor thing! The little tear in her eye made me want to cry. So sorry your little sunshine has turned into a little storm cloud.

    Just be thankful it's a paci. I have a three year old (almost four) who is a thumbsucker...I wish we could banish it to a crib. :-)

    Hang in there mom! Just work her through the five step program and it will be over soon.

  7. Brings back memories of when we decided our oldest daughter (now 17, then 2) was too old to have her wah wah (that's what we called the pacifier). We did the cold turkey thing and deeply regretted it when our once-wonderful sleeper had sleep issues for months after. So, with our next child, we did what you're doing and made them a bedtime only thing. Good move and good luck!


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