Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter is not Christmas

What does the Easter Bunny bring to your house?  Easter is NOT Christmas here.  The Easter Bunny comes and leaves a basket full of goodies but it's not the insane basket of goodies that a lot of kids seem to be getting. 

In addition to the dyed eggs that they find, their basket has eggs filled with candy, and a thank you note from the Easter Bunny for the carrots that were left on the hearth.  Then there is ONE big gift that actually isn't all that big but it's not candy.  This year the gifts are:

For Drew, who is capable of reading this book on her own, is months from being a first grader and has a front loose tooth...

For William, the lovah of bugs...

For Lauren, 'cause, well, she doesn't really need anything except a new toothbrush and she has every other possible thing she could want.

See?  Sweet and simple.  They LOVE their Easter baskets, love dying eggs, love finding them.  It's not about coming downstairs and seeing a bajillion toys.  Sweet and simple.   

How 'bout you?  What does the Easter Bunny bring for your kids?


  1. The kids need sand toys so that is what we will be giving them. Maybe a little candy but not over the top. Now for my inlaws I have not idea what they will be giving them. I hope you all have a Happy Easter.

  2. ryan got a movie, a book, and a magic trick. lakota got a squinky toy, a book, and ceramic garden stones to paint. each got a chocolate easter bunny. we set a trap to catch the easter bunny and that is always the highlight. nothing big here.

  3. Instead of a Easter basket filled with the normal candy filled eggs or sand toys I decided the the Easter bunny would leave Mason and Paige new rollerblades that they so need. Alittle over the top yes but well deserved and something they so need.

  4. i can't compete. i went overboard but i wish i hadn't!

  5. The inlaws sent over a big chocolate bunny and some peeps, so we filled 5 eggs with candy, got them each a coloring book (99cent store) and got morgan a puzzle (99cent store again.) That is pretty much it this year. I usually try to get a movie or something, but this year, the money is just not there, and like you said, it isn't Christmas and I don't want them thinking it is....I can't afford those expectations!

  6. i feel like the worst mommy ever. we never did the easter bunny thing...and really wasn't planning to do a basket, but now i'm thinking I need to step it up. I know the kids would love it! good thing i have tomorrow to hit target...thanks for waking up this slacker mom!

  7. Each kid is getting a book, a new bath toy and bath soap. There will be some jelly bellys...there will be also fighting about the bath toy.

  8. I try to do things "they" (really just Griffin) need/want for summer anyway - new shades, some garden tools, a jumprope. Also some workbooks. A teeny bit of candy and mostly raisins or bunny crackers in eggs. I guess it's a lot but they would've gotten it one way or another. I've been picking things up here and there for a few months and while that seems practical, I think I end up spending more.


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