Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What will the fuu-cha be like?

William does two things these days:  his body is in constant karate-move mode AND every conversation begins with, "In the fuuucha..."  (That's future for those of you who don't speak little-boy).  Here's a brief conversation of what he thinks the fuucha may be like.


  1. I like how polite he is to all the appliances.:)

  2. I like the cars that take us to the donut place and the extra set of arms, but I don't know if I like the automatic ovens that catch on fire.

    PS: Were you typing up a telegram while recording this?

    PPS: (Switching to catty interior decorator mode) Okay, I realize now that you DO have a YouTube page already filled with your videos. I have perused it a bit and, do not take offense, you are a busy lady, but lord have mercy I've seen more decorative deserts than that Sahara of a site of yours! Girlfriend, we gonna have to do something about that!

  3. I like the "fuuucha kids"...the ones who do things when you tell them once! And leave it up to big sister to say she will have 5 arms :). That's totally Joelle...who always needs to one-up her brother. Oh, and I like Jason's PS comment. I was wondering what that noise was :).


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