Monday, April 25, 2011

New finds!

You know I love me some new products!  Here are a couple I wanted to share with you.  If you have any you'd like to share with me, please leave a comment!

I may have mentioned this before and if I have that's ok, it's definitely worth mentioning again.

This stuff works.  Like after 2 applications you'll notice a huge difference.  I won't go into detail about how the kids said I had wrinkles on my heels (cracks) and how they would bleed and be so painful.  It's really not a good look, I promise.  This stuff is the answer to all of that.  I am barefoot at home 365 days a year and am out in sandals or flip flops 320 days a year so trust me, I know of which I speak.  And this stuff is off the chain, as the kids say.

These are the stacked jewel flip flop from JCrew.  I have them in metallic graphite and they're great.  If you've got pretty heels you may as well show them off, right?  Also!  In the most recent catalog there is a 20% off any purchase code.

I love personalized gifts.  I think that's why registeries always kind of bum me out.  I want to get something special for you that is for you, something I thought about and spent a little time on.  Etsy is so perfect for that and this little onesie is such a simple item but is so sweet, don't you think?  This is from Chic Couture Boutique and I don't know her at all but the stuff she offers is so cute.  The quality of this is great and it came so quickly after I'd ordered it.  If you're looking for a sweet little special gift, check out the website!  *And Hidie, if you're reading this, this is in the mail on the way to Baby Tommy!*

Now that Drew is this crazy insane big kid reader, I'm seeking out new books for her that at her level.  It's not just picture books where she narrates based on the pictures and it's not story books that are for me to read to her.  These are the greatest and I thank her teachers for making me aware of them.  They are called "We Both Read" books and it's awesome.  The parent reads the left page and the child reads the right page. 

This is the parent page.

Then this is the opposite page, the one the child reads.

I love them, Drew loves them, and it won't be long before William will love them, too.  They have non-fiction and fiction selections.  If you have an emergent reader or a beginning reader in your home, check these out!  You can find We Both Read books on Amazon.

Ok, so what's something you have or that you use that you love? 

By the way, if you ever see something on this blog that is in bold green font, you can click on that and it will take you to that particular product or page.  Just in case you didn't know...



  1. That heel stuff really works??? WOW! I guess I would have to actually use it if I bought it though, huh?

  2. I will probably have to refer back to you with "We both read" books when Joelle gets to that stage. What a great idea!


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