Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rockin out in the dark

I got to drive for over 3 hours by myself last night, in the dark.  That was awesome.  Not only could I listen what I wanted to without having to worry about little ears hearing it, but I could listen to it LOUD and I could sing and be dumb because it was the middle of the night and not a soul could see me.  The kids and I rock out but not like this.  I forgot how well I can sing (not) and it was so much fun!  If you are ever driving by yourself in the dark I highly recommend 80's on 8 if you have XM radio or Adele's 21 album.  I killed both of those last night for 3 hours straight.  I'm actually a bit hoarse this morning.

Chris's flight was delayed 2 hours but after all was said and done, he had a safe trip and we made it home about 2:30am.  Drew came into our room at seven zero zero and quietly crawled in bed to snuggle with him.  William and Lauren came down a bit later and all were so happy to see daddy.  William came down and said, "Hi, daddy!  How was Hawaii?  Did you have a good trip?"  Drew said, "Is there something in your suitcase for us?"  Those two statements absolutely summarize how each child is.  So different, so loved.

Here they are with the goods that daddy brought back:

If you haven't heard Adele, you must.  Here is her top single off her newer album.  The video is neat and the song is great.  She oozes talent.  

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  1. I tried getting tickets to her concert last month and it sold out within minutes. Boo!


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