Friday, April 29, 2011

The weddin'

I have no commentary really other than I loved watching the wedding, Drew loved watching the wedding, and I wish Aunt Debbie was here because she would have LOVED to have watched the wedding.

Weren't they something?

Love her

Terrible quality because it was dark.  Because I snuck the picture.  And because it was 5am.



  1. That picture of the little girl holding her hands over her ears is something straight out of a 70s horror film like "The Omen". I can totally hear that kid muttering in her wee British accent, "Mummy, I told them to stop making noises...I told them to stop..." and then all the cheering people collapse and writhe about with blood dripping from their ears. Damn those freaky British children!

  2. Aunt Debbie would have loved your comparisons.


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