Saturday, April 9, 2011

Overnighter lessons

We were gone for about 27 hours total and had a great time.  The location was perfect, just what we were looking for.  The food was fabulous, and the room was romantic and cozy. 

I learned three things about myself on this trip.  First, I learned that my speaking voice has become so extremely loud that people at other restaurant tables turn and look when I speak.  Either this is because I now compete constantly with a 2, 4, and 6 year old or it's because I never go anyplace nice where "inside voices" are used.  Secondly, I learned that I have a very hard time anymore just being.  I always needed to know what time it was, what were we going to do next, how long we'd been there, etc.  It was a real conscious effort to just not think about the time.

I took only a few pictures since most of the trip was spent in our bathing suits in a 96* spa, a 102* spa, a steam room, a pool, or in a lounge chair eating dry roasted almonds and drinking cucumber water so therefore I had nothing with me, not even my phone.  These are a few that sum up the trip otherwise, however.

As I was unpacking my bathing suit not long after we checked in I found this in our suitcase.  It made me cry.

As a casual drinker who then stopped drinking for nearly 6 years who has recently had a few drinks again, this was yuuuuuuuuummmmmmmyyyyyyy.

One of the streets as we were walking home from dinner.  The whole place was just pretty and inviting.

Came home from dinner and found that our room had been serviced while we were gone.  The sheets were turned down, jazz music was playing, and the fireplace was loaded with wood for us. 

We fell asleep in a pitch dark room to the flickering of a fireplace.  My next house will have a fireplace in the bedroom for sure. 

I know, dumb picture.  But what a nice touch to wrap the toilet paper in a ribbon, right?

Breakfast - made with all organic and locally grown food.  It was the best breakfast I've had in a very long time.

The view out one of our windows.  I like pretty views.

My morning coffee from a local coffee house down the street.  Better than Starbucks, for sure.  Wait, did I just say that?

I'm not sure what this is but there was a tree right outside our room full of these simple green flowers. 

The third thing I learned about myself?  I really really really need to start appreciating how lucky I am.

*Huge thanks to Chris's mom for holding down the fort with all three kids by herself so we could get away.  xoxo


  1. So sweet and looks very relaxing. Can I ask where this was?

  2. OOOOHHH, AAAWWWWHHH, HHHMMMMMM! Color me green with envy. I'll need this sort of overnighter very soon. Looks like a fabulous time away with the MR.

  3. Glad you got the chance to get away. You both deserve it!

  4. Sounds AWESOME! I'm sure it was nice to get away for a while. It's amazing what happens once we slow down and just "be". Glad you had a FAB time...I need to give the hubby some hints...our anniversary is coming up. :-)

  5. What a great time for you and Chris, and what a sweet note from Drew. Don't we always need to reminds ourselves of lessons #2 and #3 :)? Where was this?


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