Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The typical nighttime routine was taking place tonight.  Dinner was finished, the kids went into the backyard to play/fight/scream/argue/jump on the trampoline.  Drew yelled, "Mom!  Come look at this in the tree!"  I often ignore yells from the backyard but the tone of her voice told me this was something.  All three were standing directly under one of our trees looking at this:

See it there?

Can you hear it through the picture?  It's hummmmmmming.

Holy hell.  This freaked me out more than I can tell you.  Chris assures me it's a group of bees, that there is no structure underneath.  He assures me they'll be gone by the morning.  I don't believe him one iota so first thing tomorrow morning I'll be checking and if it's still there - and it will be - I'm calling Mr. Professional Bee Remover Guy to come take care of it. 

Oh, and Chris got stung as he was walking back into the house from inspecting the tree and blabbering about how it was fine as long as we leave it alone.  Uh huh.


  1. Ick. You should see Jay's pic when he was a kid and he got stung by a bee in the face. Can you spell S-E-X-Y?

  2. I can't even look at it! Eeeeeeekkkk!

  3. We're going to need an update to this post.

    I don't believe Chris either and Mr. Bee Remover Man better get out there fast.

    I saw this once when we first lived in California. It was unreal how many bees were involved.


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