Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No topic

No real topic but wanted to log in today and share a few things...

I may have found an alternative to baths...

Yes, it's a pretend knife BUT I have to explain.  William is an orange belt in karate and this was what he chose to buy after filling up his first-time-asked chart.  It came as part of a Ninja set.  It really is appropriate for this little karate kid.  And look at that stance.  He'll totally kick your ass.  That's after he finishes crying about having to put his shoes away, that is.

All three kids were being so cooperative this morning it was astounding.  They calmly walked outside and held hands on their own when I asked if I could get their picture.  And then... I jack it up by taking it as William blinks.  Unbelievable timing.  Oh, well.  It's still proof they were cooperative and kind to each other.  It's like seeing an albino alligator.  RARE.

Ok.  That's it.  Fascinating blog today, I know.  I was thinking, though - if you ever see anything that would be good for What the Hell Wednesday would you share it with me?  My friend Kristen has shared some and actually tomorrow's WTHW post is something she sent me.  If you ever come across something, send it to me on our facebook page Thanks!

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  1. I invented a little game for my little brother and cousins to play in the house after dark with most of the lights off called "Knife! Knife! Who's Got The Knife!". They LOVED it!


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