Wednesday, April 27, 2011

~ What the Hell Wednesday? ~

I'm all about breastfeeding.  I'm also all about bottle feeding.  I'm about doing what YOU feel is best for your baby.  This, however, is not something I'm all about.  Feeding, by whatever means, should not involve a zipper and a too-tight hoodie.  This poor, poor baby.

And I have to say, I once nursed Lauren while talking on the phone and putting dishes away.  But I never zipped her up in my clothes.  That's just wrong.


  1. The hoody is odd and seems rather short on oxygen for the baby. BUT, I'd be totally fine if it were a wrap so... maybe it's not so odd. I don't know - do what you must.

  2. ps - I must know about your bee situation today.

  3. I once nursed during a minor surgery. The doctor (a woman) told me there was "no rest for the weary don't ask". LOL.


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