Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I've said before that my paycheck is stuff like handmade cards, a new word that Lauren speaks, a snuggle out of the blue, and mornings when everyone sleeps in later than usual.  Sometimes a few days in a row can go by and I get nuthin'.  The kids withdraw from my emotional bank day after day with no deposits given and then BOOM - I get a huge paycheck that fills the bank for quite a while.  It's just how it is.

Today was a big payday for me.  It was Parent Day at school and thanks to Miss Natalia, I got to leave Lauren at home and in good hands so that I could go hang out with William and sing and do projects and eat snack with him and his friends at school.  Tomorrow I get to do the same thing with Drew and her class and I'm so thankful for that, too.

When I stopped working 6 and a half years ago, the whole making-no-money thing was really hard.  Not only relying on Chris for everything and knowing that it was his sole responsibility to support our family but just the fact that I was making no money and not contributing financially was difficult to accept.  I had gone to school and worked hard to become successful in my job and then it was just - over.  Now I realize that all of my previous actual paychecks put together didn't fulfill me as much as just one of my paychecks now.  




  1. Love this post. That last paragraph hits home.

  2. That is very awesome, indeed. In a slightly related matter, I recently quit my job. It's only been 3 or 4 months, but I feel ya when you say it's hard not being a financial contributor to the relationship.


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